Grace & Glory

In this daily devotional, you're invited to rekindle your relationship with the God of the universe. He is the God of all grace, and He has called you to walk with Him into eternal glory, as a son or daughter of God.

Breathe in Grace, Breath Out Glory

Day by day, Giglio guides you through Scripture, prayers, and biblical insights that point to the beauty of Jesus’ transformative work on the cross. Recognizing the radical, personal grace you receive from a glorious God offers you strength and confidence to face every trial and anxious thought. As you dive deeper into the fullness of His love and the power of His Spirit, your soul will rejoice.

With a striking cover and thoughtfully designed interiors, Grace & Glory is a perfect book to give to:

  • anyone looking for a spiritually rich year-long devotional
  • friends or loved ones struggling with anxiety or difficult times
  • followers of Giglio’s books and the Passion Movement
  • those who want to step into a daily practice of deep prayer and overwhelming gratitude

Come to Grace & Glory for moments of extravagant worship as you grow in awe for God your Creator and in intimacy with God your Father.